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    Solutions allowing service security for federal and regional electrical infrastructures


We serve superior quality for long-term efficiency and reliability

Schaffner components and solutions allow service security for federal and regional electrical infrastructures.

The power generation process creates electricity from different forms of energy. This electrical energy is fed in balanced power grids and micro grids controlled by a sophisticated power flow management. Our components, which are designed and produced in-house, have been applied on several grid levels and have therefore shaped the electrical energy of today. In high sensitive areas like airports, hospitals and data centers, an additional local uninterruptible power supply (UPS) guarantees a continuous operation. Furthermore, Schaffner's products enable the evolution in lighting applications, e.g. the trend towards LED lighting in municipal areas.

More power electronic systems will be connected to the grid in order to reach a higher energy efficiency. That results in the stronger enforcement of infrastructural standards and guidelines worldwide. Schaffner’s comprehensive product portfolio ranges from passive and active PQ harmonic filters to custom-made power magnetics distribution transformers and reactors. In combination with our EMC chokes and filters, we are able to meet the infrastructure requirements of today and the future.


Industries we supply

  • Airport infrastructure
  • Lighting and LED (Infrastructure)
  • Power flow management
  • Power generation
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)