Schaffner Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC is the capability of electrical and electronic systems, equipment, and devices to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment within a defined margin of safety and at design levels of performance without suffering or causing unacceptable degradation as a result of electromagnetic interference as defined by the American National Standards Institute C64.14-1992. In simpler terms all this says is an electronic system is able to function properly in its given electromagnetic environment and not interfere with the operations of other electronic systems near by. Therefore there are two components to EMC; emissions and susceptibility. Emission is energy unit. This energy is transferred by two different methods; radiated or conducted.

Schaffner filters are designed for both conducted emissions and susceptibility. They minimize the emissions piece of equipment from the noise of neighboring devices.

Organizations and standards

Due to the increase in electronic devices around the world various organizations and governments have developed standards for electronic equipment manufacturers to comply with. Some of the national organizations include:

  • IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
  • CISPR: International Special Committee on Radio Interference
  • CENELEC: European Committee for Standardization

Schaffner filters assist you and your electronic device to meet the requirements of the standards these organizations create allowing you to sell your device around the world.

Diverse and large variety available

Schaffner filters come in various forms as each system requires different solutions. Schaffner offers PCB mount filters, chassis mount filters, IEC connector with filters, and feedthrough filters. These filters are available for DC power, Single phase, two phase and three phase applications.

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Interference types

When discussing energy on a power line there are two modes of conducted noise: Common mode and Differential mode. Common mode is related to the voltage between the power phases and ground. Differential mode is related to the voltage between the power phases. A Schaffner filter is designed to redirect the energy or block it from exiting the electronic device. It accomplishes this by using various inductors and capacitors.