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Electromagnetic Interference

EMI is defined as any conducted radiated or magnetically induced voltage which degrades, obstructs, or repeatedly interrupts the desired performance of electronic equipment. There are four fundamental interference sources:

  • Man made noise
  • Electromagnetic pulses through nuclear reactions (NEMP, EMP)
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Cosmic noise

It is sometimes referred to as audio hum, crosstalk, degenerative feedback, electrical noise and RFI – radio frequency interferenc

Unmatched solutions

Schaffner is the international leader in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and power quality, focusing on building automation, industrial electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, medical technology, power supplies, telecommunications and alternative power generation. Schaffner is uniquely able to support OEM’s and end users with solutions for complex EMI problems with both standard and custom products. Schaffner’s EMI filters and products empower the designers to increase system immunity and to comply with international EMI standards. Link to Schaffner standard EMI filters and products

Long term benefits

Schaffner’s EMI filters and products support long term cost savings, increase systems reliability and uptime and to help meet international compliance requirements. As electrical circuits increase in complexity the possibility of disturbances grows larger and the consequences of a mistake get more and more serious. Schaffner engineers are here to help solve your individual electromagnetic compatibility issues.

Sophisticated custom products

For over 40 years Schaffner has been designing custom EMI filters and products to meet specific requirements for medical, industrial, aerospace, telecommunications, and consumer goods applications. With these engineering capabilities, Schaffner is in the unique position to provide products for all your EMI requirements.