Schaffner IEC Inlet Filters

IEC Inlet Filters

Highly functional and cost effective filtered power entry modules (PEM)

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is an international standards organization dealing with electrical, electronic and related technologies. One of countless items that fall under IEC standardization is the receptacle for power cords on the most diverse electrically powered devices. In order to add value to the power receptacle, Schaffner upgrades them into highly functional and cost effective filtered power entry modules (PEM), also referred to as IEC inlet filters.

Unmatched solutions

Schaffner offers the broadest selection of off-the-shelf IEC inlet filters with the most diverse packaging options, making it easy to select the right product for the job at hand. Compact EMI filters with connector – like the popular FN9222 family – are the first choice when space is at a premium. If a fuse holder or a switch is called for in addition, Schaffner FN9260 and FN9263 are hard to beat. And if someone is looking for the total package, including features like a voltage selector along with switch and fuse holder, FN280, FN370, FN380, and FN390 leave the choice with the customer.

Several Schaffner IEC inlet filter ranges are also available as medical versions (B-types) or with an optional earth line choke (E-types).

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Sophisticated custom designs

Often, a readily available IEC inlet filter offers great cost benefits and reduced time to market compared to the challenge of designing, testing and approving a home-grown built-in filter solution. However, there are occasions where custom designed filters are the only way to meet special electrical, mechanical, or performance requirement. Schaffner has been supporting the industry with custom EMI filters for many years. Through our global support organization our application engineers are always close to you to technically and commercially evaluate your individual needs.

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