Schaffner Power Quality Products

Power Quality Products

This is where EMC meets power quality

In order to permanently enjoy today's commodity "electricity" on a high quality level, manufacturers need to ensure more than the electromagnetic compatibility of their equipment alone. This is where EMC meets power quality.

Very often, it is the lower frequency range, only partially subjected to standards and regulations, which causes major problems such as system crashes and production downtimes.

Talking about power quality, one very often thinks of harmonics, voltage fluctuations and interruptions, flicker, commutation notches and further phenomena on the mains power line side. The Schaffner view of power quality goes beyond and also focuses on solutions for the equipment side, in particular for the output side of motor drives and inverters.

Schaffner's range of power quality solutions:

  • Line filters and reactors
  • dv/dt filters and reactors
  • Sine wave filters
  • Active harmonic filters
  • Passive harmonic filters
  • Regen filters and reactors